Treatment Options for BPH or Enlarged Prostate

by Alex Shteynshlyuger MD

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Treatment for enlarged prostate

BPH treatment

The symptoms of BPH or large prostate can be similar to other medical and urological problems.  It’s important to seek urological evaluation prior to starting treatment for BPH.

Conditions such as diabetes, multiple sclerosis, and other neurological and endocrine conditions can cause symptoms similar to BPH. In addition, other urological problems such as bladder cancer and prostate cancer can cause similar symptoms.

Once you have been diagnosed with BPH your urologist at New York Urology Specialists will discuss the available treatment options.

For men who have minimal or no symptoms of BPH, observation is a reasonable option. Once symptoms become bothersome enough to take medications, effective medical treatments are available.

Evaluation of Men with Enlarged Prostate

During your visit to New York Urology Specialists, you can expect to fill out the AUA Urinary Symptom Score (IPSS) which is a questionnaire that quantifies the severity of your urinary symptoms. It is a very reproducible tool for the evaluation of BPH. It helps to establish the baseline for each patient and to track the effectiveness of treatment.   You may also have a procedure called uroflow to measure the rate of your urinary flow as well as post-void bladder scan (PVR) to measure any residual urine that may have been left in your bladder after you void. Normally, the bladder should be empty or nearly empty after a man urinates.

Based on the severity of your symptoms and signs of BPH the urologist will discuss treatment options appropriate for you.  The treatment options and recommendations are based on the severity of your symptoms, your other medical problems that may contribute to the condition as well as your personal preferences.

Our Approach to BPH Treatment

Typically the treatment options available are medications, office-based minimally invasive therapies such as TUNA and microwave as well as standard minimally invasive surgical approaches which include Greenlight laser of the prostate and transurethral resection of prostate or TURP. TURP is the traditional rotor-rooter procedure.

All of these treatment options are very effective.  Initially, we start with medications for men with mild-to-moderate symptoms.  For men who experience side effects of medications or unwilling to take medications, minimally invasive therapy such as TUNA or microwave work well.  If medications stop being effective, minimally invasive procedures are typically advised which include TUNA, Microwave, laser therapies for the prostate as well as TURP.

For men who present with more severe symptoms such as blood in urine, bladder stones, poorly functioning kidney or urinary retention because of BPH we typically advise either Laser procedure of the prostate (Greenlight/KTP/Holmium, etc) or TURP. 

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