Testicular Torsion: Evaluation and Treatment

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Dr. Alex Shteynshlyuger, an experienced urologist in treating acute and persistent testicular pain, is practicing at New York Urology Specialists. He is available for second opinions for men with chronic testicular pain.

What is Testicular Torsion?

Testicular torsion is a condition caused by cessation of blood flow to the testes.  Most commonly testicular torsion is caused by a twist of the testicle around the suspending cord that contains the blood vessels with supply nutrients and not sufficient to the testes.  Testicular torsion can occur for variety of reasons including trauma, anatomical predisposition caused by Bell clapper deformity.  Most often no obvious cause is identified.  In some families, there appears to be predisposition to testicular torsion with multiple family members affected.

What are the symptoms of testicular torsion?

shutterstock_139817107Testicular torsion most commonly causes sudden and severe pain in the testes.  Occasionally pain is severe enough to cause nausea and vomiting.Fever is uncommon but Transient Flu-like symptoms Can occur occasionally during episodes of acute pain.

Other conditions such as epididymitis and epididymo-orchitis can cause very similar symptoms and are often difficult to distinguish from each other.

What to do if he has severe testicular pain?

Severe testicular pain may be an indication of testicular torsion which is an emergency.  Treatment of testicular torsion usually requires surgical treatment with orchiopexy.  Men are advised to go to the emergency room immediately if they experience severe testicular pain as time is of the essence and delayed care by even a few hours may lead to loss of the testicle.

Who Gets Testicular Torsion?

Testicular torsion is most common in teenagers and adolescents and in men under age 30.  Younger boys as well as adults and even older man can also experienced testicular torsion.

Men who have relatives who had testicular torsion seed to have high risk for testicular torsion.

What is Intermittent Testicular Torsion?

Intermittent testicular torsion refers to a condition when the testicle twists and un-twists spontaneously.  When the testicle twists, a man will experience severe testicular pain which is often relieved spontaneously by the time the man arrives to the emergency room.  Recurrent episodes of these symptoms may indicate intermittent testicular torsion.  Because there is a significant chance of testicular torsion in the future that may not resolve spontaneously, men with symptoms suggestive of intermittent testicular torsion may be offered preemptive treatment for testicular torsion despite resolution of pain.

If you have any questions, to schedule a consultation or if you need a second opinion, please contact us or call  1-(646) 663-5747