Treatment of testicular pain:

All these conditions present a persistent risk of permanent damage to the testicles which can lead to impotency, so effective treatment is essential.

In cases of mild trauma or pressure effects, the pain can be relieved by taking “over the counter” pain medicines. Wearing loose clothes and undergarments also helps a lot in relieving pain and pressure on the testicles. Avoidance of underwear during sleep is beneficial.

In cases of severe trauma or torsion of the testicles usually hospitalization is required. Surgical exploration is usually needed as well. It is a procedure in which a small incision is made on the scrotum and testicles evaluated. In torsion, the testicles are untwisted and tied into place with a suture to prevent torsion in future. In cases of heavy trauma, the blood supply is usually secured and the damage is surgically repaired. This prevents permanent damage to the testicles.

Infective and inflammatory conditions are usually addressed by the use of anti inflammatory drugs and antibiotics, which are essential for proper treatment. Hospitalization is usually not required and with mild anti pain medication and antibiotics or anti inflammatory drugs, the patient is successfully treated within a week.

Hydrocele and varicocele are usually treated at a hospital. A surgical procedure has to be carried out for complete recovery. Hematocele can be treated by inserting a syringe into the scrotal sac and taking out the blood. Similarly inguinal hernia also requires surgical correction.

The pain due to diabetic neuropathy can be controlled by controlling diabetes and by using anti pain medicines. Gangrene has no other solution but surgical excision of the testicle.