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Many patients insured by limited-network Medicaid and Medicaid HMO plans experience difficulty with access to medical care in a timely manner.  It is not uncommon for patients to experience difficulty finding experienced physicians who accept Medicaid health plans and who have available appointment times

Because Medicaid health plans are known to pay 30-50% less than the cost of healthcare, many experienced physicians are unable to accept Medicaid while providing high-quality personalized medical care.  Many patients with Medicaid are treated by providers such as physician assistants and nurse practitioners on a routine basis with limited access to a physician.

Physicians who do participate with Medicaid health plans are burdened by significant administrative paperwork, including preauthorizations and denials of care.  Medicaid often does not cover more innovative treatment options or may not pay enough to cover the cost of treatment.  As a result, many treatment options may not be offered or be available to patients with Medicaid.

Because of the high cost of health insurance, Medicaid has become health insurance for the middle-class, as well as lower-income individuals and families.

At New York Urology Specialists, we offer the same high-quality, innovative treatment options to all our patients regardless of their insurance coverage

If you experience difficulty scheduling appointments with an in-network provider, we would be happy to help you.  We often see patients with Medicaid who were told by their providers to wait 1-6 months for much-needed treatment.

If you feel that you do not get adequate attention or your problems have not been resolved or addressed after multiple visits to your in-network provider, we would be happy to re-evaluate you.  Often, we are able to help patients who have experienced no benefit for years with their in-network providers.

While our physicians do not participate with Medicaid health plans, we offer affordable out-of-pocket treatment options.  The same experienced physicians will see you without regard to your insurance coverage.  We offer evening and weekend office hours.

Any blood word and advanced imaging tests (CT scans, MRI, PET scans) can be performed at a lab or facility that accepts your insurance.  If you require hospital surgery, hospital fees are also covered by your health plan.



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