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Language Translation / Interpretation

We offer language translation services (via remote live-translation) for all our patients to over 150 languages.  If you have a translator you want to bring, you are welcome to bring one with you.  If you have a family member or a friend that you want to use as a translator, please be aware that you will be asked very personal questions (such as urinary function, sexual function questions) and if you are not comfortable addressing personal questions with your translator please let us know and we will use a live-translation service.

International Advisory Consultation via Videoconference

In response to your question, we do offer international advisory consultation via Videoconference. An international advisory consultation would ONLY be advisory, and would not include any form of treatment, as the doctor would need to examine the patient in person to be able to prescribe medications or a course of treatment. The process is as follows: 
  1. deposit of USD $535 (the consultation fee) is required via PayPal, using our email address [email protected]
  2. A consent form will be sent by us to the patient which must be signed and sent back to us at least 72h before the scheduled time of the consultation.
  3. Once the deposit has been made and consent form signed, we will schedule the consultation at a time that works both for the doctor and the patient.
  4. The patient will send all relevant medical information (including lab work, imaging studies, doctor’s notes, etc) TRANSLATED TO ENGLISH for the doctor’s review at least 72 hours prior to the scheduled consultation
For the advisory consultation itself, the following is required:
  1. Working computer (no mobile devices) with the latest version of the program SKYPE installed
  2. stable internet connection of no less than 5Mbps to ensure proper communication.
  3. quiet environment where the patient can speak freely and listen to the doctor’s recommendations. Earphones/Headphones are strongly encouraged.
  4. Dr. Alex Shteynshlyuger speaks English and Russian. A person with a working knowledge of either language is required to speak with the doctor. If the patient cannot speak one of these 2 languages, the patient must be accompanied by a designated translator who will communicate between both parties. This person must have the patient’s permission to listen to all matters discussed.
Please keep in mind the following:
1) This consultation is a doctor’s opinion ONLY. You will not be considered an active patient of our practice until we have physically examined you in our offices in New York City.
2) NO PRESCRIPTIONS will be sent to patients who have not been PHYSICALLY examined by the doctor in our offices in New York City. You may see a local doctor and discuss recommendations with him or her.
3) The fee of USD $535 is NON-REFUNDABLE
4) The call will be scheduled using Eastern Standard Time Zone (ETC, UTC/GMT – 5Hours) and the patient will keep this in mind when scheduling.
5) Be advised that a charge of $50 will be applied as a penalty for cancellation, within 72 hours of the appointment.


We hope we have been able to answer all your questions. If you wish to make an appointment, please reply to this email.
Once again, we thank you for your interest and thank you for choosing us.