Travel Visa for International Patient for Treatment in the USA at New York Urology Specialists

For patients who need a letter for obtaining a US visa for treatment at New York Urology Specialists, we suggest that you first obtain a Video Consultation to make sure that the international travel and visit is necessary and beneficial to you.
1. The patient needs to have a video consultation and review of medical records to decide if a visit is necessary and if we can provide treatment to the patient. This evaluation will also help us determine what treatment may be necessary and estimate the cost for the patient. Can use video/audio translation service if needed.
2. If after Video consultation we determine that a visit for treatment is required, a $1,000 non-refundable deposit is required prior to issuance of medical necessity letter for US visa. The deposit will only be refunded minus 5% transaction fee only if the US Visa is denied. The deposit is collected after Video consultation if the patient wants to proceed with a visit to see us in the US.
If a patient does NOT want a video consultation, a $2,000 non-refundable deposit is required with the same terms and conditions.
3. A letter for a US visa stating the medical necessity for treatment at New York Urology Specialists and associated hospital and office costs will be issued to the patient.
4. If the patient comes for a consultation/evaluation and visits us in the US, and the cost of treatment is less than the deposit amount, the balance will be refunded after the visit. No refunds will be given to people who do not come for an in-person consultation, except if the US Visa is denied. The patient would need to show a copy of the Visa denial letter from the US Embassy to get a refund. The deposit will only be refunded minus 5% transaction fee only if the US Visa is denied.
Preferably, the patient should have a local urologist who is involved and who can request a consultation and to whom we can send a copy of the report/recommendations. In this situation, we can send back to your local urologist our recommendations that the local urologist can then implement if possible.