New Study Shows that 24 hour urine collection is underused nationwide

New Study Shows that 24 hour urine collection is underused nationwide

For men and women who are at high risk for repeat kidney stones, the national guidelines recommend 24-hour urine collection as well as a metabolic evaluation to determine the risk factors for stone recurrence.  Once the risk factors are identified on 24-hour urine collection or metabolic evaluation, a  specific treatment can be instituted to prevent or minimize the chances of kidney stone recurrence.

At New York Urologists Specialists greater than 95% of our patients who are at high risk for kidney stone recurrence get a full evaluation with 24-hour urine collection and metabolic evaluation.  

We are pleased with our success in preventing kidney stone recurrence among our patients with frequent kidney stones.

A new study reports that nationwide most men and women at high risk for kidney stone recurrence do not get the recommended evaluation with a 24-hour urine collection.  In fact, the study reports that less than 8% of men and women who should have had 24-hour urine collection actually obtained it.  The chances are somewhat higher when the patient’s were seen by a nephrologist or urologist but still exceedingly low, well under 30% overall.  In comparison, over 90% of patients at New York Urology Specialists who require it are recommended a full evaluation that includes 24-hour collection and metabolic evaluation that includes PTH, serum calcium and serum uric acid levels.

Prevention is Key to Patients at High Risk for Kidney Stone Recurrence

Recurrent kidney stones are associated with a number of significant problems. These include pain, disability, infections, need for surgery, hospitalizations and high costs, as well as risk of renal insufficiency over longer-term.

Given that nationwide the care for kidney stones is suboptimal, the doctors at New York Urologists Specialists are dedicating more time to see patients with recurrent kidney stones for second and third opinion consultations.

We have extensive experience treating men and women with recurrent kidney stones. The Stone Clinic is a Center of Excellence for treatment of kidney stones.

Our top urologists are pleased to offer state-of-the art care for kidney stones in our offices in New York City including Manhattan and Brooklyn.

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