Treatment Costs for Kidney and Ureteral Stones in New York City

by Alex Shteynshlyuger MD

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We offer affordable, highest quality care for kidney and ureteral stones in New York City.

What is the Cost of Treatment for Kidney Stones?

The cost of kidney stone treatment depends on many different factors including the number and size of the stones, the location of the stones in the urinary system, the patient’s underlying health status (body habitus and other co-existing medical conditions), the renal anatomy (structure of the patient’s kidneys), the composition of the kidney stones, and the type of procedure needed to remove the stones.

The cost can also vary depending on whether treatment is received in a hospital setting (more expensive) or outpatient surgical center (less expensive).  New York Urology Specialists is not owned by a hospital and an independently-owned urology practice. As a result we can offer you a choice of where to have your kidney stones broken.

Surgical centers used by New York Urology Specialists offer equally good safety for less money. However, some sicker patients who have co-existing medical conditions such as extensive heart disease or kidney disease on dialysis must be treated at a hospital as a precaution, and are not usually candidates for same-day procedures at a surgical center.

The costs incurred in the treatment of kidney stones include:

  • Specialist consultation with a urologist
  • Prescription medications (we prescribe generic medications whenever they are equally effective)
  • Imaging studies (ultrasound, CT scan, KUB X-ray)
  • Blood work
  • 24-hour urine collection and other urine studies
  • Cost of procedures (larger and multiple stones may need more than one procedure) including:
    • Anesthesia
    • Surgeon’s fee
    • Surgical center or hospital fee
  • Consultation with a dietitian

After your initial consultation and evaluation at New York Urology Specialists, we will give you an estimate of expenses after evaluating your individual case.  The cost depends on your preferences (your choice of procedure) after discussion with the urologist.   Some patients may require more than one procedure to render patient stone free.

It should be noted that PCNL or percutaneous nephrolithotomy (a minimally-invasive procedure performed to remove larger stones from the kidney) is always done in the hospital. PCNL is performed under general anesthesia and requires a 1-2 day hospital stay. In general, PCNL is more expensive than ESWL or ureteroscopy but it may be more cost-effective for patients with large and multiple kidney stones as it may require multiple ureteroscopy with holmium laser procedures to render patient stone free with very large stones.

ESWL (extracorporeal shock-wave lithotripsy – a noninvasive (no incision) procedure performed from outside the body) and ureteroscopy with laser lithotripsy can be done in a surgical center as they are same-day outpatient procedures.

If you have any questions, to schedule a consultation or if you need a second opinion, please contact us or call: 646-663-4421


Dr. Alex Shteynshlyuger has helped hundreds of men and women with kidney stones suffering from pain to become stone-free.  He uses minimally invasive technology to improve patient care. Most patients are able to return to their activities the next day.

We see patients from all parts of New York City (Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, Staten Island), Long Island, Westchester and New Jersey as well as other parts of the USA. We also see international patients from Canada, Japan, South America, Russia, Asia, Europe, Middle East, Africa, the Caribbean and other parts of the world.