Urinary Problems in Women Treatment

by Dr. Alex Shteynshlyuger, a board-certified urologist and specialist in the treatment of urinary problems in men and women including frequent urination, burning with urination and urinary retention.  

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Common Urinary Problems in Women

Symptoms caused by OAB or overactive bladder disease such as frequent urination as often as every 20 minutes, urinary urgency and urge urinary incontinence are some of the most common problems experienced by women.  As many as 40% of women experience these symptoms at some point.

Frequent UTIs are also common in women of all ages.  In some women, UTIs may occur in relation to sexual activity, most commonly in younger women.  Frequent UTIs can also occur with no obvious cause.

Stress urinary incontinence often from a cough, laughter or when running as well as urge urinary incontinence when a woman cannot make it to the toilet in time are some of the other common urinary problems in women of all ages.

What are the Causes of Urinary Problems in Women?

There are many causes of urinary problems in women.  Some of these causes are behavioral, dietary and environmental, while other causes are related to underlying medical problems.

Behavioral causes such as high fluid intake may cause frequent urination especially in women with underlying small bladder capacity.  In this situation, small bladder capacity can be treated to alleviate frequent urination.

Some people are very sensitive to caffeine or certain acidic foods such as spicy foods or tomatoes for example.  These may also provoke urinary urgency and frequency.

Medical problems such as diabetes, overactive bladder, neurogenic bladder, and multiple sclerosis can also cause urinary problems in women.

Ureteral and kidney stones can predispose to frequent urination when the passing as well as to recurrent UTIs.

Treatment Options for Urinary Problems in Women

Depending on the underlying cause of urinary problems in women, treatment options may include medications, behavioral and dietary modifications, pelvic floor training, antibiotics, and office procedures to improve bladder function.  Surgical treatment is also available for some urinary problems such as urinary incontinence, severe frequent urination, and urinary urgency.  

Treatment options that are appropriate to your needs will be discussed during your appointment.

Medications for Treatment of Urinary Problems in Women

Commonly used medications for treatment of urinary problems in women include anticholinergic medications for treatment of urinary urgency and frequency such as oxybutynin, Vesicare, Enablex, and Detrol.  Myrbetriq is also commonly used for the treatment of women with OAB symptoms.  Botox injections in the bladder for treatment of overactive bladder is also an effective option.  Medications such as Uribel and Pyridium can help with the urinary burning.

When are Antibiotics Used for Treatment of Urinary Problems in Women?

Antibiotics are used for the treatment of urinary tract infections in women.  UTIs typically cause burning with urination, a sensation of incomplete bladder emptying and bladder pain.  Low-dose antibiotic prophylaxis may also be used for the prevention of UTIs in women who are predisposed to frequent urinary tract infections.

Why Choose New York Urology Specialists for Treatment of Bladder Problems in Women?

  • All treatment is performed by a Board-certified urologist experienced in treating men with symptoms of frequent urination, urinary urgency, urinary incontinence and bladder pain using medical therapy, minimally invasive therapies, lasers and open surgery.
  • We are one of the few practices in the region to offer a full range of options for treatment of urinary problems in men and women
  • We offer treatment options for overactive bladder, UTI, and urinary incontinence in our office which avoids the risks, costs, and recovery from general anesthesia.  
  • Extensive Experience: Hundreds of men and women have treated successfully using medical therapy, Botox for overactive bladder, Interstim for frequent urination and tibial neuromodulation.

Excellence-Urology_Care VasectomyWhen it comes to experience and innovation – New York Urology Specialists are a step ahead.  Better Science Means Better Care.  We specialize in minimally invasive highly effective treatment for symptoms of bladder pain, urethral burning, pelvic discomfort, incomplete bladder emptying, urinary frequency, and urgency. Many treatment procedures are performed in the convenience and privacy of office settings under local anesthesia.

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If you have any questions, to schedule a consultation or if you need a second opinion, please contact us or call: 646-663-4151

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If you have any questions, to schedule a consultation or if you need a second opinion, please contact us or call: 646-663-4151

Dr. Alex Shteynshlyuger  is a board certified urologist in NYC who specializes in treating men and women with urinary problems including frequent urination, difficulty emptying the bladder, urinary urgency and incontinence.