HPV Vaccination in Adult Women Age 45 and Older

by Dr. Alex Shteynshlyuger

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Gardasil-9 Vaccine: Effectiveness in Women over Age 45 

Gardasil-9 HPV Vaccination for Women Over 45

At New York Urology Specialists, Gardasil-9 is offered to women above the age of 45 who do not fit the CDC criteria.

Three doses of Gardasil-9 are offered to older women because their immune system is not as active. Women above age 45 are also more likely to have a higher number of sexual partners in their lifetime. More vaccine activity from three doses of Gardasil-9 is needed to suppress any pre-existing virus. 

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Where to Get HPV Vaccine in NYC?

At New York Urology Specialists, we offer same-day HPV vaccination for men and women.

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Why Do Women over 45 Have Difficulty Getting Vaccinated with HPV Vaccine?

Sometimes, women over 45 have difficulty getting HPV vaccination with Gardasil-9 because insurance coverage is only available up to the recommended age of 45. Time constraints and the six-month vaccination schedule are additional barriers that prevent older women from getting Gardasil-9. Although it is an out-of-pocket expense, it may be worthwhile for women over 45 to get vaccinated against HPV, which is the most common sexually transmitted infection in the United States and around the world.

HPV vaccination protects against genital warts and cancers of the cervix, vagina, and vulva in women. Protection is most effective in women who have not been sexually active, who have had few sexual partners or never been infected with HPV. Evidence suggests that HPV vaccination may also be partially effective for women who have been previously infected with HPV. Talk to the experienced physicians at New York Urology Specialists to find out how you can benefit from the Gardasil-9 HPV vaccine regardless of age and sexual history.  You can schedule an appointment online or contact us by phone or email.

Benefits of Gardasil-9 Vaccination in Women Over Age 45

Gardasil-9 HPV vaccine protects against both genital warts and cancer. Women over 45 years old can benefit from the HPV vaccine because of it:

  • Prevents genital warts in women with few lifetime sexual partners
  • Prevents HPV-related cervical dysplasia (precancerous changes such as CIN 1-3 cervical intraepithelial dysplasia)
  • Likely reduces the risk of genital warts in sexually active older women with multiple lifetime sexual partners
  • May reduce the risk of pre-cancerous lesions progressing to invasive disease
  • May decrease recurrence of genital warts, vulvar warts, and anal warts
  • May reduce the risk of transmitting an HPV infection to current and future sexual partners

Safety and Effectiveness of Gardasil-9 in Women Over 45

The HPV vaccine is safe and effective in women above the recommended age of 45. Insurance coverage is not available to women over 45 because it is not considered cost-effective to give everyone the vaccine. Based on effectiveness studies, women over 45 who have had few lifetime sexual partners or been in a few long-term relationships are likely to benefit just as much as younger women. Older women may derive less benefit from Gardasil vaccination compared to younger women.

Why is the CDC HPV Vaccination Recommendation Uses Age Cutoff?

Age is used to approximate the number of sexual partners a woman has likely had. Studies (link) have demonstrated Gardasil-9 effectiveness in women aged 15 to 45 years with no more than 4-lifetime sexual partners, no prior pregnancies, and no history of abnormal Pap smears. The vaccine is covered by insurance for women under 45 because they are most likely to benefit from it due to fewer lifetime sexual partners. Older women who have had more than four-lifetime sex partners may not derive as much benefit as younger women with fewer sex partners, but there is still some protection (around 20-60% overall) that can be expected based on studies.

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