HPV Infection in Men – Diagnosis and Treatment in NYC

by Dr. Alex Shteynshlyuger

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What is HPV (human papillomavirus)?

HPV in Men

HPV (human papillomavirus) is a virus. There are many different HPV viruses that cause various infections – some cause genital warts while others are implicated in causing cervical cancer, anal cancer in gay men, penile cancer as well as pharyngeal cancer.

Some HPV viruses cause sexually transmitted genital warts (HPV 6 and 11) and others cause diseases such as cervical cancer (HPV 16 and 18). Other HPV viruses cause foot warts and warts on other parts of the body.

What are the Symptoms of HPV in Adult Men?

Most men and women who are infected with HPV do not know it, as they have no symptoms.  Symptoms of HPV may occur many months or even years after the initial infection.  The most common symptoms of HPV infection are genital warts.  Other symptoms such as anal cancer and cervical cancer occur many years after the initial infection.

Where to Get Tested for HPV in NYC?

At New York Urology Specialists, we offer same-day HPV vaccine, HPV testing and genital wart treatment for men and women.

We also perform comprehensive STD testing for other infections. We offer confidential appointments. Our prices are affordable with or without insurance.  Call/text today: 1-646-663-4125 or make an appointment online.  

Genital Warts in Men

The most common symptoms of HPV are genital warts which include penile warts, scrotal warts and perineal warts in men as well as perianal warts and labial and perineal warts in women.

Cancers Caused by HPV in Men

HPV may also contribute to the risk of cervical, penile, and anal cancer. It may also cause oral cancer.

Are Men at Risk for HPV infection?

All sexually active heterosexual men and women are at risk for HPV.  Gay men are at particularly high risk for HPV infections.

What can be Done to Prevent HPV Infection?

Safe sex practices can prevent or decrease the chances of HPV infection.  Because most men and women who are infected with HPV do not have any symptoms they may spread HPV to their partners without either of the partners knowing it.

HPV vaccines are available and can help decrease the chances of infection with HPV strains that cause cervical and vaginal cancer in women and genital warts in both men and women.  Gardasil vaccine protects against both cancer-causing strains of HPV and strains that cause genital warts.

Gardasil is recommended by the Centers of Disease Control (CDC) for all men under the age of 45.  It is also recommended for all gay men under age 45.

It is important to recognize that men and women older than 45 can also benefit from Gardasil vaccine for HPV.

Testing for HPV infection in Men

Currently, heterosexual men are not tested routinely for HPV. Gay men are recommended to have anal testing for HPV as they are at increased risk for anal cancer. Women are tested for HPV with a cervical brush.

In men who have warts caused by HPV, clinical diagnosis is usually sufficient but a biopsy of warts can be performed to confirm the diagnosis.

What are the Complications in Men if HPV is Untreated?

Genital warts caused by HPV can grow fairly large and can disfigure the penis and scrotum in men if left untreated.  A high-risk HPV infection can predispose to oropharyngeal cancer (from oral sex), penile cancer, and anal cancer.

How Soon Do the Symptoms Show Up Once You are Exposed or Infected with HPV?

In men, high-risk cancer-causing HPV virus infection does not cause any recognizable symptoms. Long-term infection can predispose to oral cancer, penile cancer, anal cancer and possibly prostate cancer in men.  These cancers are fairly rare in men.  

Low-risk HPV strains cause genital warts. Symptoms can appear within a few weeks to a few months after infection. 

What do Genital Warts Look Like?

You can find pictures of genital warts as well as before and after treatment images in our genital wart image gallery.

What Else Do You Need to Know About HPV Infection in Men?

People infected with HPV are at increased risk of infection with other sexually transmitted diseases including HIV, especially during outbreaks.  Comprehensive testing for all STDs is recommended to everyone who is at risk for HPV.

Scheduling Appointments for STI Testing and HPV Treatment at New York Urology Specialists

If you have any questions about testing or treatment for sexually transmitted infections (STI), to schedule a consultation, please contact us or call/text: 1-646-663-4125.  

We have excellent reviews from patients and their partners. 

We also offer emergency care for men and women with urological and sexual problems including same-day and next-day appointments for STD treatment and testing in New York City and Northern NJ.

STDs are Treatable in Nearly Every Man

Excellence-Urology_Care-banner2At New York Urology Specialists, our urologists are specially trained in the evaluation and treatment of sexually transmitted infections (STI).  We understand the challenges that STDs such as chlamydia, herpes, gonorrhea, and ureaplasma create for our patients, their relationships, and their self-esteem.  We help you find an effective treatment for your symptoms that may be caused by STD, UTI or another cause. 

Urologists are doctors specializing in the treatment of infections in men and women caused by sexually transmitted diseases as well as bladder infections (UTI). By the virtue of our experience and skill, we are able to offer an effective treatment option for nearly every man and woman with urinary problems and bladder control problems.   

We treat some of the most complex STD problems including:

  • Persistent urinary urgency
  • Frequent recurrence of genital warts
  • Frequent recurrence of herpes outbreaks
  • HIV prevention 
  • Genital warts in the urethra
  • Treatment of infections when antibiotics do not work well
  • Testing for urinary ureaplasma and mycoplasma.

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