Mycoplasma in Men: Testing and Treatment in NYC

by Dr. Alex Shteynshlyuger

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We offer comprehensive testing, treatment, and prevention of STDs diseases in men including genital warts.  All care provided is consistent with the latest national guidelines published by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). We treat everyone with the same respectful and confidential approach. We are sensitive to the various and diverse needs of our patients.

Mycoplasma in Urine and Urethra: What You Need to Know 

Symptoms of Mycoplasma in Men

In men, Mycoplasma genitalium infection causes urethritis, a swelling, and infection of the urethra, which is the tube that carries urine out of the body. Commonly patients complain of pain and burning in the penis and in the urethra

In fact, Mycoplasma is implicated in up to 35 percent of non-chlamydial, non-gonococcal urethritis (NGU) in men. Symptoms of urethritis include (not everyone gets every symptom):

  • Stinging or burning with urination
  • Frequent urge to pee or the sensation of wanting to urinate frequently
  • Discharge from the penis
  • Pain with sex or ejaculation, penile pain, bladder pain, perineal and prostate pain.

There is evidence to suggest that M. hominis can lead to male infertility; studies are not clear if M. genitalium causes infertility in men but based on the fact that it is implicated in infertility in women, it may contribute to the risk of infertility in men. (link

Mycoplasma genitalium causes 15-20% of non-gonococcal urethritis in men. Common symptoms include difficulty with urination, burning, slow urine stream and burning or pain with urination.

Treatment of M. Genitalium in Men

Often mycoplasma infection coexists with other sexually transmitted diseases. Appropriate antibiotics should be chosen to treat both mycoplasma and frequently associated infections such as chlamydia.

Testing for Mycoplasma in Men

Simple and effective tests are available to check if a man is infected with mycoplasma.  Urethral swab test is effective; a urine test for mycoplasma is also very effective for detecting mycoplasma infection.  Effective treatment for M. genitalium is available at New York Urology Specialists.

Men who are at risk for mycoplasma should also be screened for other common sexually transmitted diseases including gonorrhea, syphilis infection, chlamydia, hepatitis, and HIV

How to Prevent Mycoplasma Infection?

M. Hominis and M. genitalium are sexually transmitted infections. To prevent Mycoplasma infections:

  • Practice safe sex and always use a condom
  • Avoid multiple sexual partners
  • Some studies suggest circumcision in men can protect against M. genitalium (link) but further research is needed
  • Both partners should be tested and treated for Mycoplasma at the same time

What You Need to Know About Mycoplasma:

Although Mycoplasma is not a life-threatening infection, delaying treatment can cause problems related to sexual health in both men and women, including pelvic inflammatory disease and infertility. Untreated Mycoplasma weakens the immune system and makes you susceptible to other STDs. Talk to board-certified urologists at New York Urology Specialists today about Mycoplasma testing and treatment in New York City.

Where Can I Get Tested for Mycoplasma in New York?

At New York Urology Specialists, we use the latest technologies in STD testing and offer confidential same-day Mycoplasma testing for men and women from Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, The Bronx, and Staten Island.   Our offices are near you and can be easily reached by public transportation.

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Urologists are doctors specializing in the treatment of infections in men and women caused by sexually transmitted diseases as well as bladder infections (UTI). By the virtue of our experience and skill, we are able to offer an effective treatment option for nearly every man and women with urinary problems and bladder control problems.   

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