No-Scalpel Vasectomy after Varicocelectomy is Safe and Effective.

by Alex Shteynshlyuger MD

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Vasectomy after Varicocele Repair

What is a Scrotal Varicocele?

Scrotal varicocele is an enlarged vein in the scrotum that is present in many men. While most of the time varicoceles cause no problems, occasionally they need to be repaired if they cause pain, infertility or low testosterone levels.

Vasectomy in NYC

Vasectomy in NYC

What is a varicocele repair?

Varicocele repair is called varicocelectomy. It is commonly performed for men with large varicoceles that may be causing pain in the scrotum or infertility. Varicocelectomy is also performed in children and teenagers when the growth of one testicle is impaired by varicocele.

Can No-scalpel Vasectomy be Performed after Varicocele Repair?

There are 3 common ways that varicocele repair is typically performed. The most common is called sub-inguinal, microscopic varicocelectomy. Another way to repair varicocele is laparoscopically through the belly button or using the Palomo approach via a small incision on the belly. Less commonly, varicocele embolization is performed.

Most of the time previous varicocelectomy does not affect the ability to perform a no-scalpel vasectomy in men. Occasionally there may be significant inflammation in the scrotum after sub-inguinal microscopic varicocelectomy and a traditional open vasectomy may need to be performed on that side. Overall, more than 80-95% of men can successfully undergo a no-scalpel vasectomy after prior varicocelectomy repair.

Can No-Scalpel Vasectomy Be Performed At The Same Time As Varicocelectomy?

For men who have scrotal varicoceles requiring treatment with microscopic varicocelectomy and who wish to have a no-scalpel vasectomy, both procedures can be performed simultaneously in one sitting.  Depending on the particular situation, whether varicocelectomy is bilateral and whether there is a chance of a need for vasectomy reversal they can be performed through the same or different incisions.

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