Revolix Laser Prostate Surgery for BPH: Treatment Enlarged Prostate in NYC

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What is RevoLix Thulium Laser for BPH?

Revolix laser is a medical laser used for the treatment of enlarged prostate. Revolix laser can be used to ablate prostate tissue or resect it.  Revolix laser prostatectomy is an alternative to, and equivalent to TURP, Greenlight laser and Holmium laser (HoLEP/HoLAP).

Where the Advantages of RevoLix Thulium Laser?

Laser ProstateRevoLix laser offers several advantages over other treatment options for BPH.  Unlike PVP Greenlight Laser, there is no need for color-filtering glasses for the surgeon which allows for better vision during the procedure.  The short depth of thermal penetration of only 0.2 mm makes it one of the safest lasers allowing the surgeon very precise control of tissue ablation during the procedure.  The larger prostate can be treated in less time using Revolix 200 Watt laser.

How Does RevoLix Thulium Laser Compare to TURP?

Revolix laser compares favorably to TUPR.  Revolix allows the surgeon to achieve equivalent removal of prostatic tissue during the procedure with less bleeding.  Many patients are able to go home the same or the next day after Revolix laser treatment for BPH.

Can RevoLix Thulium after Other Treatments for BPH (TUNA, Microwave, Greenlight, TURP?)

Yes, Revolix laser can be used after previous prostate procedures including prior TURP, prior prostate microwave, Urolift, Greenlight laser and HoLEP / HoLAP procedures.

Dr. Alex Shteynshlyuger is a board-certified urologist, who specializes in all aspects of care for urinary problems in men including BPH, frequent urination, slow urine stream, enlarged prostate and urinary tract infections.  He has treated hundreds of men with BPH.  He is experienced in using Revolix laser, Greenlight laser, bipolar TURP and Microwave therapy for treatment of enlarged prostate.

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If you have any questions, to schedule a consultation or if you need a second opinion, please contact us.