How Long Do  Urolift Treatment Benefits Last: New York Urology Specialists Experience 

by Dr. Alex Shteynshlyuger

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Dr. Shteynshlyuger is a board-certified urologist and specialist in the treatment of enlarged prostate and complex urinary problems using minimally invasive approaches.  He is the Director of Urology at New York Urology Specialists.  He is one of the first urologists in the US and in New York City to offer Urolift as a treatment for enlarged prostate.

How Durable are the Benefits of Urolift Procedure for Enlarged Prostate?

Studies show that most men who experience benefit from Urolift procedure continue to benefit for up to 5 years and longer.  Some men may experience a natural progression of BPH symptoms over time. 

Should the benefits of Urolift treatment decrease over time, a few options are available.  One option is REZUM procedure for BPH, which is an office, minimally invasive procedure. Another option is to add medications such as Flomax which will often improve symptoms in combination with Urolift. 

One of the major advantages of the Urolift procedure is that it does not preclude other treatment options such as Greenlight laser, laser enucleation of prostate,  Rezum procedure of the prostate or TURP.  

For men who have significant progression of BPH and worsening of urinary symptoms after Urolift surgery and who desire significant improvement in urinary symptoms, prostate enucleation with a laser is an effective treatment option.


Longevity of Treatment with Urolift Depends on Prostate Size, Anatomy, and Severity of Initial Symptoms

Urolift Can Replace Medications for Many Men.

Urolift can often replace medications with similar or better efficacy for many men who are considered “ideal candidates” for Urolift after evaluation.  For these men, Urolift is likely to work well for many years as the severity of prostate obstruction is mild-moderate.   Prostate typically grows slowly over years and these men can expect benefits to last 3-5 years or longer.

Urolift Can Improve Urinary Symptoms in Combination with Medications such as Flomax, Uroxatral, and Rapaflo

Men who are less than ideal candidates for Urolift may experience some improvement in urinary symptoms.   Urolift may not work sufficiently well to replace medications but can often offer significant improvement in urinary symptoms in combination with medications. In these men, the risk of BPH symptom worsening are higher over time but many men can expect significant benefit from Urolift for 3-5 years as prostate typically grows slowly.   

Urolift May Delay More Invasive Treatment

For men with long prostate glands larger than 50-60 grams or those with mild-moderate obstruction from the median lobe of the prostate, the benefits of Urolift tend to be less durable and many men may require retreatment within 4-5 years in order to maintain beneficial effect on urinary symptoms.  At New York Urology Specialists, we let our patients know what to expect.  While many men still will choose Urolift because they want to avoid side effects, they understand that there is a trade-off between side effects and efficacy.  As the saying goes: “There is no free lunch”. 

Summary: What to Expect from Urolift Long-Term

For patients who are considered ideal candidates for Urolift surgery, the Urolift procedure is expected to provide excellent relief of symptoms for >4-5 years and potentially longer. 

For men who are not ideal candidates, some men may require additional treatment within 2-4 years after Urolift treatment. This may include medications, another procedure or surgical treatment.

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