Holmium Laser Treatment for Enlarged Prostate

Why Is Holmium Laser Used For Treatment Of Enlarged Prostate?

Holmium laser is a powerful laser with a high level of precision it is capable of evaporating and cutting prostate tissue.  As a result, high-powered holmium laser has been developed for use in treating men with symptoms of enlarged prostate.

There are 2 types of surgical approaches to treating enlarged prostate and which holmium laser is used: ablation also called vaporization of prostate or enucleation of the prostate.

Prostate ablation with holmium laser destroys and evaporates prostate tissue while the surgeon applies the laser to the prostate.  This procedure is called holmium laser ablation of the prostate which is abbreviated as HoLAP. 

The other type of procedure used for treating enlarged prostate is enucleation with holmium laser which is called holmium laser enucleation of prostate and abbreviated as HoLEP.

How Does Holmium Laser Compare to Greenlight Laser of Prostate?

High-powered Holmium laser compares favorably with Greenlight laser of the prostate.  Experienced urologists can use either Holmium laser for BPH or Greenlight laser to achieve similar functional results in terms of improvement in symptoms of enlarged prostate. 

High-powered Greenlight laser is able to remove more tissue per minute of use.  When it comes to laser enucleation of the prostate, both Holmium laser enucleation and Greenlight laser enucleation can achieve similar success rates in terms of urine flow, urinary frequency, and postvoid residual volume.

What Can Holmium Laser of Prostate Treat?

Holmium laser of the prostate is used to treat symptoms of enlarged prostate.  Men who are unable to urinate and are in urinary retention due to the enlarged prostate can be treated with Holmium laser so that they can urinate spontaneously without the need for catheterization.

Men who have weak urine stream, urinary dribbling and split stream due to the enlarged prostate can also be treated with Holmium laser.  After Holmium laser surgery on the prostate, one can expect to have improved urine stream, less urinary frequency, and consistent urine flow.

Men who have frequent urination at night, usually have to wake up less at night to urinate after HOLAP (Holmium laser ablation of the prostate).

How Soon after Holmium Laser of Prostate Do Men Experience Improvement In Urinary Symptoms

Men can expect to experience improvement in urinary symptoms soon after prostate surgery with HoLEP and HoLAP.  Usually, improvement in urine stream is noticed immediately after surgery when the urethral catheter is removed which usually happens within a few days after surgery.  Men can also feel greater ease when the urinate with no need to push to make the urine, out after holmium laser surgery.

Urge to urinate at night as well as burning and frequent urination noticeably improve in 3-4 weeks and significantly improve in 2-3 months after surgery.