Bipolar TURP for Treatment of Enlarged Prostate in NYC

by Alex Shteynshlyuger MD

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What You Need to Know About Bipolar TURP

Bipolar TURP is available for patients of New York Urology Specialists.  Our urologists have extensive experience treating men with an enlarged prostate. We treat men with urinary retention, hematuria, bladder stones and other side effects of BPH.  Our experienced urologists have helped hundreds of men live better.  We offer medical therapy, minimally invasive office therapy for BPH including microwave and Urolift, bipolar TURP, Greenlight laser, Evolve diode laser, as well as suprapubic prostatectomy.

What is Bipolar TURP?

Bipolar TURP (transurethral resection of the prostate) is a procedure performed by urologists for the treatment of enlarged prostate, most commonly caused BPH (benign prostatic hyperplasia).   Occasionally men with other problems including advanced prostate cancer and bladder cancer that obstruct urinary flow and causing urinary retention can be treated with bipolar TURP.

How is Bipolar TURP Different from Traditional TURP?

Bipolar TURP refers to the technology of using bipolar instruments during resection of prostate tissue.  Traditional TURP uses monopolar technology.  Traditional monopolar technology requires the use of glycine or water during the procedure, which are associated with significant risks, in particular, excessive accumulation of glycine or water in the body leading to potentially dangerous side effects known as the TURP syndrome.

The advantage of bipolar TURP is that saline can be used during the procedure which is a much safer option, virtually eliminating the risk of TURP syndrome.  As a result, larger and more complicated prostate glands can be treated with bipolar TURP as the urologist can spend more time in the operating room.  An additional benefit of bipolar TURP has increased the efficacy of the evaporation of prostate tissue if evaporation is desired.

How is Bipolar TURP different from Greenlight Laser?

With bipolar TURP, tissue can be resected as well as evaporated.  When tissue is resected, a specimen is obtained for evaluation by a pathologist.  Greenlight laser only allows the evaporation of tissue.  Because no lens is needed during the procedure, surgical vision is improved in Bipolar TURP procedure.

An obvious advantage of bipolar TURP is for patients with elevated PSA or at increased risk for harboring prostate cancer.  About 10% of men who undergo TURP are found to have prostate cancer in the specimen.  While most cancers discovered during TURP are less aggressive, sometimes more aggressive cancers can be found.

Bipolar TURP is equivalent in efficacy to traditional TURP and favorably compares with other treatment options for the enlarged prostate, such as Greenlight Laser.

What is the Effectiveness of bipolar TURP?

Bipolar TURP is highly effective in treatment of symptoms of enlarged prostate.

  • Urinary retention: bipolar TURP is very effective when it comes to the treatment of men with urinary retention
  • Frequent urination caused by an enlarged prostate can be effectively treated by bipolar TURP
  • Urinary urgency, caused by an enlarged prostate is effectively treated by bipolar TURP.
  • Frequent urination at night can also be effectively treated by bipolar TURP.

What is the hospital stay after bipolar TURP?

The hospital stay after bipolar TURP is determined by multiple factors including the patient’s medical conditions, the size of the prostate, as well as the extent of the procedure.  Most men operated on by Dr. Alex Shteynshlyuger are able to go home the same or the next day after the procedure.

Can bipolar TURP be performed after Greenlight laser?

Yes, bipolar TURP can be performed if improvement after Greenlight laser was insufficient, if there was regrowth of prostate tissue after Greenlight laser or if Greenlight laser has failed to improve urinary symptoms.

Can bipolar TURP be performed after a failed Urolift procedure?

Bipolar TURP can provide effective treatment for symptoms of enlarged prostate if the Urolift procedure failed to provide sufficient benefit.

What evaluation is necessary prior to bipolar TURP?

Basic blood work including kidney function tests, PSA, liver function tests and blood count is usually performed prior to the TURP procedure.  A kidney and bladder ultrasound may be performed.  Urodynamic testing is often performed to evaluate urinary tract function.  Cystoscopy is usually performed prior to the procedure to evaluate the anatomy of the urethra, prostate, and bladder.  Additional evaluation is done based on the patient’s individual needs.

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