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Testosterone Replacement Treatment

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Treatment of Testosterone Deficiency

In general, treatment of low testosterone levels can be broken into two broad categories: Inducing the body to produce more of the hormone in the testes or replacing testosterone with exogenous supplementation.

It is important to understand that replacement therapy with any form of testosterone can impair fertility. For this reason, the use of testosterone is not advisable in men who desire fertility currently or in the future. In men who plan to have children in the future, we use other ways to boost testosterone levels rather than giving testosterone directly.

For men who do not plan to have children in the future, replacement of testosterone either with exogenous supplementation or by inducing the body to produce more testosterone are both good treatment options.

Low Testosterone Treatment Options That Preserve Fertility

Medications such as Clomid (clomiphene), which is an oral pill, induce the body to produce testosterone in the testes. HCG, administered by injection, is another option, albeit a more expensive one, that can achieve similar results and preserve male fertility while treating low testosterone levels. 

Treatment of Low Testosterone with TRT (Testosterone Replacement Therapy)

Testosterone replacement therapy should not be used in men who plan to have children as this treatment can induce infertility.

Testosterone Gels and Creams:

Available options for exogenous testosterone supplementation include topical creams and gels, which are typically used once a day and can be applied conveniently under the armpit, on the shoulder, or on the abdomen, depending on the preparation. It is important to remember that testosterone creams and topical gels should be kept away from children and women as exposure to high levels of this male sex hormone can cause undesired side effects in them. Testosterone gels are available as brand name preparation such as AndroGel, Testim, Axiron, Androderm, and Fortesta. They are also available as generic testosterone gels.

Testosterone Injections

There are two types of hormone injections available. There are weekly or biweekly injections of testosterone cypionate and testosterone enanthate which can be administered in the doctor’s office or self-administered by the patient. In the United States, we also have a bimonthly injection called Aveed (testosterone undecanoate), which is administered in the doctor’s office.

Long Acting Testosterone Injections

Long-acting testosterone injections such as AVEED offer the benefit of physician administration every 2 months (10 weeks).  Patients typically notice fewer fluctuations in symptoms as the testosterone levels are steady for long periods of time. It also decreases the inconvenience of frequent administration of testosterone which tends to improve the quality of life and decrease day-to-day worry.

Testosterone Pellets

Testosterone pellets can be inserted under the skin of the buttocks. Testosterone pellet insertion is nearly painless and can be performed in our office in a 15-minute in-office procedure. These pellets deliver testosterone for 3-6 months and are a good option for men who desire to avoid daily application.  Testosterone pellets are available as a brand-name TestoPel as well as generic testosterone preparations.

Intranasal Testosterone Treatments

Another treatment option for low testosterone is an intranasal preparation sold commercially under the brand name of Natesto. This is administered three times daily. However, it is associated with several side effects such as a runny nose, nasal bleeding, and discomfort in the nose due to the route of administration.

Surgical Treatment for Low Testosterone

In men with low testosterone levels and scrotal varicoceles, varicocele repair may be a reasonable treatment option. Varicocelectomy (varicocele repair) can increase testosterone levels by an average of 150 mg/dL.

For men who desire preservation of testicular volume or fertility, concomitant use of testosterone and HCG can allow the use of exogenous hormone supplementation while preserving testicular function.

The most common treatment for low testosterone is testosterone replacement therapy.  Testosterone can be replaced using testosterone gel (AndroGel, Testim, AndroDerm, Axiron, Fortesta, injections and longer lasting Depo injections (AVEED) or testosterone pellets (TestoPel).  Oral and nasal preparations off testosterone are also available.

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