What is Penile Fracture?

by Dr. Alex Shteynshlyuger 

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We offer emergency care for men with sexual problems.  Dr. Shteynshlyuger is experienced in the diagnosis and treatment of a penile fracture.

Injury to the Penis During Sex

A penile fracture is a type of penile injury that most commonly occurs during sex, often with the woman on top

A penile fracture refers to a tear in the tunica albuginea of the penis which leads to loss of pressure-maintaining mechanism of corpora cavernosa, the part of the penis that is responsible for producing erections.  Penile fracture can also cause tearing into the urethra and lead to urethral bleeding and blood in the urine.  There are other types of penile injuries that can occur during sex that can result in pain: tear of frenulum breve, laceration of the foreskin due to phimosis or balanitis.

Pain with injury to the penis.

Pain with injury to the penis.

What are the Symptoms of Penile Fracture?

Sudden onset of pain in the penis during sex is the most common symptom of penile fracture.  This occurs if the penis slips from the vagina and hits perineum (the area between the vagina and the rectum).  A popping sound is often heard which is followed by severe penile pain. There may be ‘black and blue” in the penis.  There may also be blood in urine or blood coming from the urethra.

Penile fracture is an emergency and requires going immediately to the nearest emergency room for best results. 

What are the Risks of Penile Fracture?

Injury to the penis from a penile fracture can lead to erectile dysfunction, inability to obtain and maintain adequate erections.  Narrowing and stricture of the urethra can occur leading to urinary problems.  Untreated, infection of the penis can occur.

Scarring in the penis can lead to Peyronie’s disease and curvature of the penis.

How is Penile Fracture Diagnosed?

Penile fracture can be diagnosed from history and physical examination. Penile ultrasound or MRI of the penis are used to confirm the diagnosis.

What are the Treatment Options for Penile Fracture?

If recognized promptly, surgical repair offers the best chance to prevent erectile dysfunction.  If there is a urethral trauma, repair of the urethra should be performed promptly in most cases.

If recognized late, observation or surgical repair may be undertaken.

What’s the difference between a bent penis and a broken penis? If a penis bends does it mean it’s broken?

A bent penis usually refers to a penis with a curvature.  Many men have mild curvature, called congenital penile curvature when they are erect. A mild curvature that has been present all life is normal and does not need treatment unless it is causing functional problems.

Some men develop curvature, sometimes severe enough that precludes sex, and the penis looks bent.  This is most commonly a result of scar formation in the penis, a disease called Peyronie’s disease.  We think that Peyronie’s disease is caused by trauma, sometimes micro-trauma to the penis that is not recognized by men as such.  Some people seem to have a genetic predisposition to Peyronie’s disease.

A broken penis can refer to a few things: (1) penis that does not function well because of erectile dysfunction, (2) most commonly it refers to penile fracture.  Penile fracture is different from a bent penis, but sometimes if penile fracture heals abnormally it can lead cause a bent penis and Peyronie’s disease

How Long Does it Take for Penile Fracture to Heal?

If a man develops symptoms suggestive of penile fracture, it’s best to lay off sex for a while and see a urologist or go to an emergency room immediately.  After evaluation, the urologist will advise you how long to abstain from sexual activity. Typically, one would need to wait until everything heals before resuming sex.  Typically, surgical repair is advised. Usually, the surgeon – urologist would advise to let it heal for at least 6 weeks after surgery before resuming sexual activity.

How common is Penile Fracture?

Penile fracture is not that common but many patients never seek care.  Occasionally it may heal on its own with no significant adverse effects, sometimes it causes mild erection problems but often it may cause significant erection problems.  Based on published studies, I would estimate that lifelong risk of penile fracture 1 in 500. The actual risk may be 2-3 times higher as many patients never seek care until months or years later which is not captured in published studies.

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