Penile Injury Leading to Peyronie’s Disease Can Cause Erection Problems

by Alex Shteynshlyuger MD

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Penile Curvature Caused by Peyronie’s Plaque often Causes Erection Problems in Men

Peyronie's and EDBent penis caused by Peyronie’s disease often causes worsening erection quality in men.  The scar formation in the penis, Peyronie’s plaque, can affect blood vessels as well as the ‘erectile tissue”.  The result of Peyronie’s plaque is decreased blood flow to the penis, which leads to symptoms of ED such as difficulty with maintaining erections and erections that are not as hard as they used to be.

In some men with Peyronie’s disease, erection problems are severe enough that men are unable to get erections that are hard enough to have sex.

The severity of erection problems in men with Peyronie’s depends on patient’s age, history of penile fracture and extent of Peyronie’s disease.

Treatment of Peyronie’s disease at New York Urology Specialists

New York Urology Specialists is one of the top practices in the United States that specializes in the treatment of erectile dysfunction and Peyronie’s disease

What is Peyronie’s Disease?

Peyronie’s disease refers to one or more of the following symptoms (any one of these can be a sign that you might have Peyronie’s disease): bent penis, pain in the penis, penile shortening or narrowing or palpable lump called Peyronie’s plaque.  Peyronie’s disease is caused by an abnormal healing process or scarring inside the penis.  Peyronie’s disease may affect as many as 10% of adult men.

Erection Problems Caused by Peyronie’s Disease

Peyronie’s disease causes numerous sexual problems in men.  The most common symptom that brings men to our offices is penile curvature or a bent penis that can be severe enough that it makes it difficult or impossible to have sex.   Many men also experience pain with erections or during sex as a result of curvature and plaque formation in the penis.

Soft erections are a common problem in men with Peyronie’s disease. Many men have a penile narrowing or ‘waist’ that makes the penis ‘bulge’ when erect during sex.

Often, men may experience worsening erection hardness and difficulty maintaining erections prior to the appearance of penile curvature. 

What is the Cause of Poor Erections in Men with Peyronie’s?

Peyronie’s causes erection problems in men through many different mechanisms. In some men, pain during erections or pain during sex leads to loss of erections.

Most commonly, Peyronie’s scar causes decreased blood flow to the penis as a result of its effect on erection tissue in the penis.  Penile scar formation leads to scarring around blood vessels and narrowing of blood vessels of the penis which results in decreased erection hardness and erectile dysfunction.

What is the Treatment for Erectile Dysfunction in Men with Peyronie’s Disease?

In men with Peyronie’s disease, it is important to treat both problems, curvature and erection problems, simultaneously.  In general, the choice of treatment depends on what treatment works for erectile dysfunction. If erections are not sufficient to have sex, treatment for erectile dysfunction should be started first during the evaluation of Peyronie’s disease.  Typically, medications such as Viagra (sildenafil) or Cialis (tadalafil) are used first.  If medications such as Cialis do not work, penile injections with Caverject or Trimix injections are an effective option for many men.

For patients who have penile pain, Cialis daily can help with both erections and penile pain.

If medications for ED such as Viagra, Stendra or Cialis work well, then injectable treatment (injectable verapamil, collagenase or interferon) or surgical treatment is used for Peyronie’s disease.

Treatment of Peyronie’s disease is complex but in general, for men with severe ED who do not respond to medications, a penile implant is usually the best treatment option that addresses the curvature and ED at the same time.  Shockwave therapy for ED can help with erections in some men with Peyronie’s disease.

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