Why Trimix Injections Do Not Work for Some Men

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Trimix Injections Do Not Work: Troubleshooting

Why Trimix Injections Do Not Work

Trimix injections are an effective treatment option for ED for most patients. 

For some patients, Trimix may not work or may stop working.  Trimix is not likely to work in patients with penile fibrosis or scarring as can occur after priapism with severe Peyronie’s disease

Men with poorly controlled diabetes and men on dialysis are less likely to respond to Trimix or may require higher doses.  Men with a severe venous leak may also find that Trimix does not work for them.

Make Sure You Inject Trimix Correctly

The most common cause of Trimix not working is that it is not injected correctly. This error occurs when Trimix is injected into or just under the skin instead of corpus cavernosum.  Proper education, which we provide to all our patients, is crucial to success. 

Depending on the type of Trimix used, refrigerated or non-refrigerated, Trimix can also lose potency over time if it is exposed to room temperature for prolonged periods of time. In this situation, a fresh Trimix bottle should be used.  We usually prescribe Trimix in a small volume (5 ml per bottle) so that men can thaw a fresh bottle each month or so.

Trimix from Different Pharmacies is Not Interchangeable

Because Trimix is a custom-prepared compounded medication, different pharmacies make it in different concentrations and proportions.  Usually, preparations from different pharmacies are not interchangeable.  When a new pharmacy is used, test dosing in our offices is performed to determine the correct dose.

Address Underlying Medical Problems When Trimix Does Not Work Well

It is important to address the underlying causes of erectile dysfunction that may have caused Trimix to not work well.  These include controlling high blood pressure, correcting low testosterone, weight loss for overweight patients, and control of high cholesterol.

Adjust Trimix Dose or Concentration

The first option is to try to increase the dose of Trimix which needs to be done in our offices under controlled conditions so that if the dose is too high, it can be reversed.  The dose needs to be titrated so that erection does not last more than an hour to avoid the risk of priapism.

Trimix comes in different concentrations (sometimes labeled as Trimix #1, Trimix #2, Trimix #4, Trimix #5, Trimix #6, etc), and high concentration Trimix, sometimes called SuperTrimix or QuadMix can be tried.

Did you Develop Peyronie’s Disease as a Result of Trimix Use?

As many as 20% of men who use penile injections including Trimix, Bimix, and alprostadil may develop penile scar tissue called Peyronie’s plaquePeyronie’s disease can exacerbate erectile dysfunction.  As a result, Trimix may not work as well.

Consider Other Effective Treatment Options for Erectile Dysfunction When Trimix Stops Working.

Shockwave therapy for ED is another treatment option that can be tried for patients for whom penile injections with Trimix do not work.  Shockwave acoustic therapy for ED increases blood supply to the penis and may help men to get erections.  RPR for ED (also marketed as “P-Shot”) is a potential treatment that is being studied for the treatment of ED. 

A penile implant is an effective treatment option for men for whom  Trimix injections do not work well.  Treatment options include inflatable penile implants such as AMS 700  and Coloplast Titan OTR penile implant.

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