Vacuum Erection Device for Treatment of Erectile Dysfunction

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What is a Vacuum Erection Device (VED or “Penis Pump”)

Man with Erection ProblemsVacuum erection device is a bottle-like cone that goes over the penis. When vacuum is created inside this chamber, the penis inside the chamber experiences negative pressure which results in blood flowing into the penis.  Blood flowing into the penis normally results in an erection.  Once the penis is erect, a rubber band is rolled off the vacuum pump onto the base of the penis. This “captures” the blood in the penis and prevents erection from going away.

Once a man is done having sex, the rubber band is removed which leads to loss of the erection. It is advised not to keep the rubber band more than 30 minutes at a time to prevent ‘penile strangulation”.

When is Vacuum Erection Device Useful?

Vacuum Erection DeviceVacuum erection device (VED) is used for the treatment of men with vascular erectile dysfunction.  It also works for many men with ‘venous leak’ or veno-occlusive insufficiency.   VED can help men get and maintain erections that are hard enough for sex.

How Effective is Penile Pump (VED) in Treatment of Erectile Dysfunction (ED)?

Vacuum erection device is effective in as many as 60% of men.

How Satisfied are Men with Vacuum Pump?

Around 30% of men who try vacuum erection pump find that it works well for them and like it.  Other men find it cumbersome to use and prefer other treatment options such as a penile implant or penile injections.  Most men who try vacuum erections devices have tried Viagra or Cialis previously and moved to VED because medications did not work for them.

What are the Benefits of the Penis Pump (Vacuum Erection Device)?

image_5-img-vacuum_erection_devices_350x350Because it is a mechanical device, there is no effect on the rest of the body and no significant side effects other than possible bruising and pain in the penis.

VED tend to last a long time and are less expensive in the long run than medications. The only recurrent cost is the cost of the lubricant and occasionally, the rubber bands and batteries need to be changed.  Heavy users of the penis pump, can easily go through a pack of batteries a month.

2 Types of Vacuum Erection Devices:

  • Manual Vacuum Pump – vacuum is created by pumping out air from the penis; simple and works well; consists of two parts the penile pump and the pump for sucking the air out of the penile pump.
  • Electric “Battery Operated” Vacuum Pump.  This marvel of technology consists of one part the penile pump that has a powerful suction unit attached to it, which is battery operated.  It works well and more convenient to use.

What are the Options for Treating Erectile Dysfunction if Vacuum Pump does Not Work?

If a penile vacuum pump does not create a sufficiently hard erection for intercourse, other effective treatment options are available.

If you have not tried medications such as Cialis (tadalafil), Viagra (sildenafil) and Levitra, they may work for you.

If the penile pump and Cialis or Viagra do not work, penile injections and penile implant are excellent treatment options for men with ED.

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