What to Do When Bimix Penis Injections Do Not Work or Stop Working

by Dr. Alex Shteynshlyuger 

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What to Do if Bimix Injections do Not Work?

Bimix injections may not work for some men for a variety of reasons. If the dose of Bimix is inadequate it may not work.  If the concentration of the Bimix is too low for the patient’s needs, Bimix may not work.  

The underlying vascular problem may be too severe for Bimix to work. In such cases, other injectable medications can be tried. Trimix and Quadmix might work if Bimix did not work. 

The most common reason that Bimix does not work at home when it worked during test dosing in the office is improper use (incorrect injection technique) or improper storage.  We usually advise our patients to bring their vial of BiMix to our office, stored on ice, for testing in the office. During the visit, we also re-educate our patients on proper injection technique.

If BiMix stopped working, please make an appointment with New York Urology Specialists, for a re-evaluation. 

Diminished benefits of Trimix injections, may indicate worsening underlying peripheral vascular disease which may be caused by poorly controlled high blood pressure, diabetes, thyroid abnormalities or testosterone abnormalities.  Full evaluation including blood testing and physical exam is important.  Sometimes the onset of Peyronie’s disease is the cause of BiMix not working well.

Treatment Options When BiMix Does Not Work

If BiMix injections do not work well, Trimix injections for ED or QuadMix injections can be tried. 

About 30% of men who are evaluated at New York Urology Specialists with complaints that Bimix or Trimix does not work well are not injecting themselves correctly which accounts for the failure to obtain good erections. Education on proper injection technique often solves the problem.

For men who develop Peyronie’s disease, a penile implant may be an optimal treatment option that can address erectile dysfunction and treat Peyronie’s disease surgically at the same time.  Peyronie’s disease may also be treated with Xiaflex injections but only if erections are good.  

Addressing risk factors for ED such as low testosterone, obesity, and poorly controlled diabetes can also help.

Surgical treatment for ED with a penile implant is an effective treatment option when BiMix, Trimix or Quadmix injections do not work well or if men find them unattractive as a long-term treatment option.

Our Protocol for Evaluation Patients for Whom Bimix does not Work

  • Make sure medications are not degraded; still effective
  • Make sure that the patient is injecting himself correctly
  • Consider increasing the dose of Bimix or switching patient to Trimix
  • Repeat blood work to evaluate whether underlying risk factors have worsened: diabetes, high cholesterol, low testosterone, etc.
  • Consider repeating penile doppler 
  • Consider getting a cardiology evaluation if there is evidence of progression of peripheral vascular disease

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