Symptoms of Testicular Cancer

by Alex Shteynshlyuger MD

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Common Symptoms of Testicular Cancer

Sometimes testicular cancer may present with unusual symptoms such as shortness of breath. Usually, testicular cancer causes a lump or a mass in the testicle.  Occasionally, the lump may be too small to feel but may cause testicular ‘ache’, pain or discomfort.  Less common, testicular cancer may produce an excess of hormones and lead to symptoms related to overproduction of hormones.

Treatment of Testicular Cancer

Treatment of testicular cancer depends on the stage of the disease and exact pathology. Typically, the first step is to remove the affected testicle (or sometimes part of it) to determine if there is cancer and what type it is.  Further treatment depends on pathological examination under the microscope and clinical staging.  Usually, a CT of the abdomen is performed.

Treatment options include surgery (RPLND open or robotic), chemotherapy and radiation therapy depending on the disease stage and type.

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